Farm 2017

PC122591cr PB232523 PA272100 PA292113
PA292102 01a PA251928 copy copy PA251920 PA251960cr
PA050933R P9280851 P9280867 P9280869
P9280858cr P9280861 P9180757cr P9280878
P9280889 P8250187 P7079134 copy  Ripening Peas P7039005
P7079116 copy P6048248crA P5257852 P5257851
P6128376 P5197609  Rondo on his evening rounds P5197604  Marching time P5197581  Bull calf Podrick giving the once-overeye
P5197590 P5197567 P5197598  Milk face P5197577  Rondo
P5197554  Ellesmere P5197546  Edyl and youngsters P5027159  Visiting Vet students P4286980cr
P4186818  ready to go P4176799  Jim Barber back scanning yearling bulls April 2017 P4166789 P4166785
P4166775 P4166790 copy Easter lambs First lambs 20170412
P4016606  Waiting for food P4016616crBW  silhouette P4016626b  Stopped in a hurry P4016641  Heifer 966 surprised
P4016622  Cattle at Sunset 01 04 2017 P4016640 copy copy  Sunset 01 04 2017 Evening light 20170320 Evening view20170320
Lines Next Door Lines 20170320 Heifer Calf 929 Pride Bull Calf 968 Fell Goodwin
Heifer Calf 961 Raabia P3176387trR Autumn calvers in March Sunbathing heifer calf 959 Belle Lassie
Morning sun Calf Creche Early March grazing Gulls
Clean pen for bulls Snowdrops At the feeder Sheep with an early bite
Barford Down 4 day old bull calf Raanan Cattle Feeding Young wives club
Red kite Sunset