Standlynch Farm 2016

Photos from 2016
PC145649cr PC145650 PC145660 PC145662
PC145675 copy1cr PC145681 PC145692 PC145703
PB235618a  Standlynch Rondo Ellesmere01 20161115  Standlynch Ellesmere PB225601agrey PB225597 copy
PB225598 PB225611meadowcrop Autumn River PB155471  Autumn Wood
PB155506  Mistletoe (and a cormorant) PB225613 PB195519 copy copy1 P9295012  Yellow Wagtail
CHM  Convolvulus Hawk Moth Convolvulus HM  Convolvulus Hawk Moth face on lamb  Post weaning P9084645
P9084637 P9084630 P9084633 P9084634
P9084625a P9084628 P9084626 copy P9084623
P8223592a  Water buffalo? P8223595  Evening nursery for calves P8223608  Quick lick behind the ear P8223620  Be nice now . . .
P8203352 Purple Loosestrife P8113223 P7132492 P6211994
P6211992 P6211978 P6061453 copy P5290993
P5290990 P5010655 P5010671 P3120317 copy1
P3120330 P3120290 P3120298 P3120303
P3040231 P3040234 copy1 P3040221  Lapwing tumbling in early March morning P3050258REVD1  An alternate view of Standlynch Weir - with a long exposure
P2230150  Mr Eccles has a munch on some silage P2230178  There are some slopes . . P2230160ii  Stonechat P2230182ii  Brand New
P2230173ii P2120011ii P2150095ii  A lick from an aunt P2180108ii
P2150087ii P2120026ii P2090019ii P2030004ii  The old Massey ploughing
P2030021ii P2020016ii  Edyl with his eye on the world P2020008ii  The rams on holiday P2030005ii  A Roe Deer  - wet from crossing a ditch
P2030013ii  Snowdrops P1230003ii  Standlynch Mill P1230002ii  Weir at Standlynch Mill P123000ii  Standlynch Weir
P1170006ii P2020010ii  The gang of Ewes P1150022ii  Old Man's Beard P1150019ii
P115001ii  A herd of Fallow Deer P1120003ii P2150098ii P1050085ii
P1050082ii P1050080ii P105005ii