Standlynch Farm 2015

Farm Photos 2015
PB134597ii PB134622ii PB13460ii PB134593ii
PA204445ii P9203998ii P8303828ii P9113940ii
P9113943ii P811347ii P8153482ii P8153502ii
P8153495ii P8213676ii P8303844ii Coprinus niveus 20150830ii
P6041924ii P6041911ii  New son of Edyl P6041917ii  A new mothers inspection of a new baby P5281803ii  Bullls being bulls
P5281816ii  Standlynch Real Time N665 P5281807aii  Bullstyle P5281776ii  A field of Cordiale Wheat P5281771ii  Raasay F166 plus son
P5281766ii P5261742ii  Standlynch Down at sunset P5261746ii  Oxeye Daisy P5261744ii  White Campion
P5261749ii  Ear emergence P5261749b  B&W alternative P5131476ii P5041405ii
P5041414ii P5041417ii P5041418ii P5041423ii
P5041427ii P5041436ii P5041438ii P4291326ii
P4091307ii P4051292ii P4051301ii P3261229ii
P3111014ii P3111012ii P3080998ii P3020971ii  Life's a bit confusing for this 2 day old Ardrossan Admiral son
P3020958ii P2030725ii P2030692ii P2030701ii
P2030704ii P2030710ii