Standlynch Farm 2014

PB090029b  Sun long gone, light dying, mist rising in the meadow PB090022b  Gulls flying south to roost Edyl20141101  Edyl enjoying the late warmth in November PB010010a
PA250015b  Dramatic late afternoon lighting PA160017bw  Early morning in the meadows P9240059  Spot Edyl - just a bit bigger than everything else Edyl  Busullow Edyl enjoing time with females in the meadows
P9162062a  Heifers at Harnham P9142036  10 years of willow growth now deposited on the opposite bank P9142030  A big pileof brambles - shame about the berries P9051812  An entranced audiance
P9021709  Another autumn - more ditching P9021706  Same operator - Martin - another machine this time P8181586a  Last little bit of wheat 18/08/14 P8181574a  Scary horse!
P8141482c  Sunflowers in the enhanced wild bird option plot P7211073  Phaecelia - loved by bees P8141486c  The local Pterodactyls - or herons P7211079
P7211091 P8111458b P8021370d P7211074
CRW Party  A rare gathering of tenants for a retiring agent, poppies  What happens when an agri-environment scheme goes wrong! poppies2  Poppies in close up P6050354  Standlynch Right Time looking very well
P6050342  Grass in abundance this summer! rose3a  Summer - but no one told the weather P5250124  Raasay 166 and new bull calf P5250147a  Flag Iris
P5250137b  Flag Iris in detail P5250152a  Flag Iris P5250126C  White Campion P5190081a  Common Fumitory
P5190064a P5180053a  Baleing nearly done nearly finished  A few to go . . Poplar Hawk-moth
P5130017b  Winter Barley in ear 1 P5130016a  Winter Barley in Ear 2 P5110020b  Meadows at evening in Mid May P5110034a  Sentry?
P5110047a  Beech grove near the old Dairy in evening sunlight P5050308  Early morning in the meadows badgerprint  Footpring of the enemy? Certainly one of the most imaculate badger prints I can recall seeing. P5020295  Chris Clarke foot trimming
P5020301  Chris Clarke foot trimming P4300287  Lambs waiting their mums before going back outside P4300277  Swarming bees! P3160028a  Wild daffodils
P3120005  Posing calf! P3090003  Another posing calf! (Mother wouldn't let me get the second tag in place) P3120009  Verity 245 plus calf at the milk bar Receeding floods 10 03 14  The floods are finally going with the warmer dryer weather (10/03/14)
P3090001 Copy  Time to go - last of last years lambs penned up P3010009  View across Barford Down looking SSE P2270020  Brand new . . P2270017  Morning feed time
P1020901  Odstock Hospital - or SDH P1020698  Ready for Spain? P1020897  Our neighbours Witherington Farm with our sea of meadows behind DSC04443  An escape from the cattle to help catch and datalog-tag Greenshank
PMay  Peter May overseeing embryo selection - fortunately a successful morning P1020559  A rare frost this winter! Winter Flood  Winter floods yet again P1020562  Compare with last year - it's back!
P1020567  Floods again