Standlynch Farm 2013

P1020376a P1020373 P1020374a P1020379
P1020318  Ditching work in progress P1020324 P1020329 P1020335
P1020327 P1020328 P1020338 P1020317
P1020315 yelwa  Yellow Wagtail on passage south REEBU  Reed Bunting SmallTort P1020243
P1020248 P1020249 P1020251 P1020191  Going . . .
P1020193  Nearly down . . P1020211a  Down P1010991 P1010996
P1010935 P1010915  Winter Barley coming off P1010911  Worm trails? P1010914
P1010907  The Manitou dinosaur? P1010795Traf  Trafalgar House - newly revealed after some trees had been removed. Longford linseed in the background P1010875 Black-tailed Skimmer P1060310  Death in the grass . .
P1010862  Before Shearing P1010867  Shearing P1010869  Shearing done! P1010835 Broad bodied Chaser
P1010821fumitory P1010818calf674a flag Sarum1
Bastard Balm SEEAAC  SEAAC visit 01/06/2013 sunset P1010243
P1010121  Evening accross the down Challenge  Challenger? Standlynch in May  Standlynch at sunset, May 2013 Peacock  A most colourful surprise visitor!
P1010066 P1010053  Out at last - and grass! P1010042 P1010038  It may be spring - but where's the grass?
Heron P1050903 P1050906  Iced cow anyone? P1050910
P1050913  Blackhaugh Every Time H842. - must be reminded of Scotland P1050919 P1050924  Borewell Mister Eccles enjoying his trip to the sunny south! P1050932
P1050938  18-01-2013 P1000620  30-12-2012 for comparison P1000669 P1000716  E.T.
P1000682 P1000697 P1000698 P1000710